Call for Technical Papers

The Digital Document Security conference will bring together practitioners in the secured document field with those working in the digital domain to examine, explore and share ideas on how digital methods can contribute to document security. The conference will cover both physical and digital documents as well as the interface between these domains, including but not limited to banknotes, passports and ID cards, tax stamps, licences and other fiduciary and personalised documents.

DDS is a response to the introduction of digital systems in to the secured document field. Digital devices are being used as the means for financial transactions, as a carrier for personal identification information and as a method of examining physical documents, so proposals for papers are invited which address these matters. Abstracts of proposed papers should be 400 words maximum, in English, and submitted no later than summer 2020. The selection of papers will be made by a committee of experts and the authors of papers selected for oral or poster presentation at the conference will be notified by December.

The programme committee has identified the following topics of interest for papers, but this is by no means a comprehensive list so proposals for papers on topics not listed here will also be welcomed and seriously considered.


We welcome any topical presentations on subjects such as:

  • The implications of digital applications for security documents
  • The role and limitations of smartphones
  • The use of smartphones for ID
  • The use of smartphones for financial transactions
  • Serialisation, coding and unique identifiers
  • Network and digital systems security and vulnerabilities
  • The impact and application of blockchain or other distributed ledger systems for document security
  • Cryptocurrencies – threat, solution or neither?
  • Machine reading and artificial intelligence
  • The use of digital printing – security threat or opportunity
  • Implications of 3D printing as a means of forgery
  • Combining print and digital

Due Dates

By submitting a proposal you agree to meet the following deadlines:

 01 April 2020– Abstract Deadline

300-word abstracts of proposed papers should be submitted online using our online portal, at the link provided below.

Please include a brief biography of the proposed presenter, with full contact information. The abstract should clearly explain what new insights and/or developments will be presented.

03 July 2020 – Typescript Deadline

Typescripts of each selected paper required along with a 200 word summary for publication in the delegate materials. A biography of similar length of the presenter is also required. Slide presentations are not acceptable. Please follow the instructions in the DDS Author Manual.

Typescripts must be uploaded to the portal below, using your login credentials created at the time of your abstract submission.

  04 September 2020 – Audio-Visual Presentation Deadline

The supporting audio-visual presentation will be required by early September 2020


By submitting an abstract, you agree to assign to Reconnaissance International the right to publish your paper in the DDS Conference proceedings, in both or either printed and electronic format, as well as the right to extract sections of your paper or to refer to it in publicity and media relations material. Exceptions to this policy will be considered for security reasons.

Papers will be made available in PDF format shortly after the conference.

How to Submit Your Abstract

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the programme, please email Ian Lancaster (Conference Director) at with a copy of your abstract or use the form below by .